About Us

Can we see a surprise on your face? You ask why  Christian Lifestyle Magazine talks about “How to choose a mattress?”. Do you wonder what does the Christian faith and mattresses have in common?

Here is our goal…

If you look to your life, you will realize that the word – “Christians” or “Christian life”, primarily connected to spiritual dimensions of your life, your relationship with the God, the Bible and the Church.

In common sense, words Sunday, Christian holidays and the “Christian life” are always matched. But Christians also live simple daily life – working, earning money, doing business, having some family problems, cleaning home and so on. And here we all face some challenges. People who follows Jesus sometimes seems to live two different lives. When they pray, read the Bible and sing prayers on Sunday, they look like true children of God, but when it comes to dealing with the issues of everyday life, they take a different turn.

BestForChrist goal is to help our readers to live and grow as Jesus’ disciples not only during sacred moments, but also in everyday life. We do not want to be just “Sunday Christians”, but those who enjoy the love of God on a daily basis, every minute of the day, whether working, resting or praying.

In our Christian Lifestyle Magazine you can find…

  • How to grow in faith. Our site is dedicated to Jesus’ people. Lots of insights and helpful tips on the God, Bible and Spiritual life, you will find in Faith section.
  • How to keep good relationships in family. The vocation of every Christian in this world is to reflect the face of God in your way of life. Most of all this is manifested in relationships with other people. In Family life section you will find useful information on parenting, relationships and household issues.
  • Entertainment. Our life also has leisure time and entertaining moments. In Entertainment section you will find info about Christian Music, People stories, Video and other interesting information.