Trust God Bible Verses for the Day – Jeremiah 17:7

Trust God Day June 18 bible verse Jeremiah 17:7

Trust God Bible Verses for the Day

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is the Lord. (Jeremiah 17:7)

Yes, the beautiful words of the prophet Jeremiah. But what exactly do those words mean, how to understand them? More importantly, what do they mean to you personally?

The Ruler of the World

To trust God, in this case, is to believe what God is saying. And God says He has not forgotten you. Inevitably, every second of your life is known to Him.

This is because God is not just the Creator of the world. That is, He is not only the one who called from absence, into existence everything that exists.

Let us not forget that God is is also the Ruler of the world. And that means that He sustains in existence all that He has created. Therefore, absolutely all the processes that take place in the universe and in the world are known to Him. They are in the will of God.

And the greatest miracle, the greatest grace, that this Creator and Ruler of the world wanted to share with us, His creations, information about the world. God wanted us to know Him as He is.

And that information is written in a book we call the Bible. That information coming from God has been collected, word for word, and written in the Bible for thousands of years. That is why we still call this book – just the Word of God.

Trust God

One of the writers, the prophet Jeremiah, reminds us of God’s words – “Fear not, I will never forsake thee, nor forget thee.” And the prophet rejoices that happy and blessed is the man who accepts the words of God, recognizes them, follow them.

By acting wisely in this way, man will attain the ultimate goal of life, the Kingdom of God.

That’s what the Bible Verses for the Day June 18 is about.

Therefore, today, you too, accept this truth from God – everything will be fine with you, you will be blessed, you will be successful if you keep the Word of God. If it burns like a hot flame in your chest.

Blessed be my brother.

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