Carrie Underwood Lives Her Faith Publicly and Privately – Instagram


Instagram – Carrie Underwood Lives Her Faith Publicly and Privately. Ever since her hit song, ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’, it’s been clear that Carrie Underwood isn’t afraid to call herself a Christian. But her faith isn’t something that she just sings about. Carrie Underwood is serious about her Christianity – she lives it both privately and publicly. Though she’s never been obnoxious about it.

Instead, she’s modeled a faith worth emulating. She’s clear about her commitment to Jesus Christ and the God of Scripture while letting her witness largely speak for itself. And it isn’t just the fact that she has a Christian witness. It’s also the fact that she’s kept her Christian witness while becoming one of the most famous country music artists in the United States.

Born in Muskogee, Oklahoma and raised on a farm, Underwood came from a humble background that prepared her for the many challenges that accompany fame. It was there that the seeds of faith were first planted and began to blossom.

When she won American Idol in 2005, she quickly became a household name and rose to the top of the country charts. But this newfound fame didn’t shake her faith or cause her to wander off like a prodigal daughter. Instead, her faith held her firmly in place.

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Several years later, Underwood met NHL player Mike Fisher. They began dating and were married in December 2009. In an interview with Rare Country, Mike described their common faith experience: “We both grew up in Christian families. We experienced life, and then all of a sudden [we experienced] fame. We are able to connect in different situations. Spiritually, we are able to be on the same page and understood each other and that was part of the connection we had. Now, it’s a big part of our marriage, for sure.”

Instagram – Carrie Underwood Lives Her Faith Publicly and Privately – Instagram

According to the couple, they regularly pray together, share devotions, and discuss the way God is working in their lives. They’re a prime example of how the spouses can help stabilize faith within a family.

Underwood is also known for living out her faith by regularly contributing to charities, advocating for the less fortunate, and sharing her faith with her fans.

Truly, Carrie Underwood is an example for Christians everywhere as she lives her faith both publicly and privately. May we all do so each and every day.

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