A question of faith. Am I wrong to have Christian faith and God questions?

Faith knowledge questions a question of faith God questions

There is nothing wrong with having Christian faith, faith knowledge questions or God questions. Throughout generations, there have been stories of how people doubted and had hesitations about God existence. The Bible is the cornerstone of all Christians, and it is filled with testimonies of how people felt abandoned by God and have doubted His existence. Psalms quite often talk about the distance between man and God. Man feels abandoned by God. Psalm 88:14-15 says, “O LORD, why do you cast my soul away? Why do you hide your face from me?  Afflicted and close to death from my youth up, I suffer your terrors; I am helpless“. Even Jesus at some moments had doubts, hesitations and felt abandoned by God. So the same may happen with everybody of us. Don’t be afraid, but take some actions and find answers to yourfaith knowledge questions.

Sometimes challenges might arise in the life of a Christian and a question of faith is raised. However, having challenges is part and parcel of a Christian. The problem is some people only turn to God when things become tough. Others get discouraged and tend to lose their faith as a result of outside influence. However, the Bible says that faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God. If a Christian does not engage in practices such as prayer, going to church and reading the Bible it will be hard for such a person to grow spiritually. The devil can easily take advantage of such a person to create doubt and make them believe that there is no God. Faith knowledge questions should also help to address some of the issues faced by Christians.

Why is not Wrong to Have Some Doubts and God Questions? 

  •  Sometimes we feel so safe in our faith that we become lukewarm. And that isn’t good as our faith becomes stagnant and almost dead. Even Jesus had some doubts and felt abandoned, so for us to have faith knowledge questions are even necessary. As Bible states in Revelation 3: 15-16: “I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth”. So hesitations, doubts  and question of faith you face may be a gift and help from God for your spiritual growth. In such a way God is teaching you to grow and trust Him.
  • Doubt helps us to deepen our understanding who God is, to raise faith knowledge questions to which we think we have answers. Never stop learning and never think you know everything. Strengthen your faith daily by reading Bible, but this isn’t enough because Bible won’t answer all your questions. You need to put much more efforts – attend church services, talk and discuss with other Christians. So hesitations and question of faith bring us to other people, to the community. It is much easier to find answers to question of faith together with other people. That is another gift from the God – doubts and looking for answers strengthen your relationship with the community and other people.

God Cares about us

According to the Bible God loves his children so much that he sent his only begotten son to die for the sake of redeeming them from the bondage of sin. If Christ had not come to die on the cross the entire race of man would be doomed. The Bible constantly reminds Christians to seek God’s help in times of need. Psalms 103:2 says bless the Lord my Soul and forget not his benefits. This scripture is intended to encourage Christians to always grateful for the work God is going in their lives. Some God questions are good as long as they do not try to create doubt in a Christian’s life. Some people often try to blame God for allowing bad things to happen to them. They think that it was God who allowed the devil to hurt them.

Contrary to that, God is very caring and loving. He requires Christians to approach him by faith. For instance in the book of Romans 4:2 the Bible says that Abraham was justified by works. He acted exactly according to God’s instructions and for that reason God counted righteousness upon him. That is exactly what God expects from Christians. He wants men and women who will take him at his word without having doubts in their hearts. The Bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God and therefore Christians ought to have enough faith for them to access God’s promises.

A question of faith God questionsDoubt Versus Belief

What makes Christians doubt and have God questions? It is a question of faith that determines a Christian’s belief in God. It is important to understand faith knowledge questions so that a Christian can understand his or her stand Christianity. Doubt is the greatest enemy of faith. In one of the books in the Bible, Jesus told his disciples that they could move mountains if they had enough faith. That means that the reason most Christians fail to achieve their goals in life is as due to lack of faith. Many Christians seem not to understand what faith is. Faith is to believe in what you have been told. For instance, the Bible says that Jesus has the power to heal, then that settles it. All that a Christian is supposed to do is pray and believe that they have been healed without having a trace of doubt.

Christians should never give up

In the book of 1 John, the Bible encourages Christians to keep on trusting in God in the face of doubt and mistrust. There are various examples in the Bible where great men of God doubted about their faith and even fell into sin but were forgiven and brought back to the fold of believers. For instance, Peter who a close disciple of Jesus was denied him three times before Jesus was crucified. However, Jesus did not cast him away, in fact, he is the one who led other disciples and Christians during the day of Pentecost in receiving the power of the Holy Ghost. What this implies to Christians is that they should never give up their hope in trusting God despite their failures in life.faith god questions

How to strengthen your faith in God

There are various ways through which Christians can lift up their faith in God after facing failure and disappointment. The following are some of this ways:

  1. Read the Bible and other Christian literature. One of the best ways to increase faith as a Christian and find answers to question of faith is to read the Bible and other literature related to Christianity. It is always said that you are what you read and the more you read the Bible the more your faith will Christian faith will increase.
  2. Constant Prayer. Prayer is an essential element in the life of all Christians. It is the one of the best and simplest ways of reaching out to God. For any relationship to flourish there must be constant communication and the same principle applies to a Christian’s relationship with God.
  3. Attending Church services. Being a Christian comes with responsibilities. Christians must go to church to feed on the word of God and fellowship with fellow Christians. It is also an opportunity to get encouragement from God’s word and get answers to God questions.
  4. Repentance. Christians just like any other human beings are not perfect like God and are therefore bound to make mistakes or sin. However, a Christian can regain confidence and trust in God by repenting to God. For instance when King David snatched the wife of one of his army generals God was not happy with him. He could not enjoy the joy of his salvation until he repented of his sins to God.
  5. Realize your faith in life practice. Put your faith knowledge questions into the practice. Living Christian life through your actions will show others an example. Love and try to understand other people, be patient with them, treat and help them kindly. Also, care about the other people who are in need. And of course, share with others the Good News and practice what you preach.

A question of faith. Am I wrong to have Christian faith and God questions?

In the end, to express the doubt in the existence of God is not bad. This is not wrong or sinful. Man is a created being, mortal and imperfect. And as such, he will be subject to all kinds of errors. Hence doubt about the existence of the Creator and God questions are quite natural.

If a man was perfect, then surely he would not be a man, he would be a kind of robot, who does everything according to command and order. Where is freedom here? The God gave us freedom. If we were perfect and programmed, there would be no freedom. That is where re-examining came from. And it should be. By examining, a  man is spiritually elevated and strengthened.

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