Follow Jesus and Learn to Set Priorities in Your Life

follow Jesus

Marriage, children, successful career, an exciting private life and social commitment. How to find the best way to combine all these? Is that even possible to be successful in every area of life? Follow Jesus in your life and learn from Him how to decide what to do and what to leave.

The work-life balance of Jesus was amazing. Wherever he appeared, the masses were on their way. The poor, the needy and the sick, have gathered around him. Intellectuals have challenged him, the religious provoked. Everyone wanted something from him. Realizing how Jesus handled this amount of attention and activity holds the key to a well-balanced life and a cool head in the midst of chaos. Look closer how Jesus managed his life and learn from him.

Jesus in action

In the Gospel of Mark, chapter 1 describes how Jesus is traveling. He moves through the cities, talks to people about God, releases the bound and heals the sick. And so it happens that one evening in Capernaum almost all the inhabitants of the city gather in front of the house where Jesus sleeps. They have the sick and the possessed and all hope for help and healing. This evening, many people become physically and mentally healthy.

And now it gets exciting, from verse 35: “And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.” (Mark 1:35) Peter and the others sought him out. When they found him, they said reproachfully, ‘All people are asking for you!’ “But Jesus does not respond and explains that they have to go to the other villages to talk about God. “That’s my job,” says Jesus.

Follow Jesus – Set Priorities in Your Life

It is interesting. Jesus could have gotten up after this successful evening and could continue his activity in the same place. It would be quite normal, not all are healed yet. There is much to do. But Jesus does not let it affect him. He gets up and seeks silence. Collects in a lonely place. Talks to God. And thus finds his priorities. In the peace, in God’s presence, he becomes aware of what his task is and draws strength for it.

Follow Jesus and learn to set priorities in your life

Then when the disciples come with reproaches’ What are you doing here? Do not you realize that everyone is waiting for you? Why do not you live up to expectations? He says “no” not apologizing. He also does not say, “Yes, yes, I’m already …” No. He is fully focused on his task and he determines what he will and will not do. Follow Jesus and learn to set priorities in your life.

An example of priorities in life list:

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Occupation
  4. Ministry

Learning from Jesus

When we get up in the morning, there are usually many important requirements. Intuitively one believes, if one starts immediately, he will succeed. But actually, it’s much more important to gain strength first. To go in yourself, to talk to God, to clarify: What is actually my task today and what is not? Where are my priorities? It’s interesting to see that Jesus did not heal everyone and did not satisfy everyone. He talked to God and then fulfilled his mission – not the hopes and expectations of others. If even Jesus did that, then we too can learn to prioritize ones and renounce others.

Time of silence are incredibly important. Because in these minutes we can establish a deep connection to God and recognize our own vocation. Only then you do not get caught up in other, seemingly important tasks. That’s the only way to stay on course. And only then is you free and full of power for what God has for you today. So follow Jesus in your life always.

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