Importance of Christmas Eve

importance of Christmas Eve

Importance of Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is an important period prior to Christmas Day and is held on 24th December each year. It is the day before Christmas where families, friends and loved ones gather, waiting in anticipation for 25th December (Christmas Day).

Christmas Eve is also known as Christmas Vigil and it is viewed as the end of the Advent season. Although Christmas Day is not necessarily the actual day of the birth of Jesus Christ, both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are seen as significant dates around the world. Equally, there are many traditions that take place during the leading up to Christmas Eve. In particular, singing Christmas Carols, wrapping gifts and general preparation for Christmas day. So what is the importance of Christmas Eve for Christians?

What is Importance of Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is important because it is associated with the birth of Jesus Christ and many congregations take part in Church services or Midnight Mass, which commences either before or at midnight on Christmas Eve. For some countries (UK, Spain, USA and Italy) and denominations, such as the Catholic faith, Christmas Eve is perhaps the most important Church Service within the Christmas season because worldwide, the ceremony celebrates and reflects on Jesus’ birth. A period of fasting also takes place, where people refrain from eating meats on Christmas Eve, then they partake in the Christmas meal after Midnight Mass Services.

Importance of Christmas Eve for us is huge, because it enables us to reflect on the ‘Son’ which has been given to us. “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”) – Matthew 1:23. Therefore, a Christmas Eve Prayer is significant because leading up to Christmas day, we can reflect knowing that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to be with us.

It is also a great time to remember that it is through Jesus Christ that we have received ‘light’ and have eternal life.  In our last-minute preparations, we can offer a Christmas Eve prayer because the birth and death of Jesus Christ, has brought to us the light of salvation and life for all believers.

What Christmas Eve reminds us? 

Christmas Eve is imperative in reminding us that He is the light and those who receive Him will receive the light of life; “I am the light of the world” (John 8:12).  “For behold, I bring you good news of a great joy which will come to all the people…” (Luke 2:10).  Christmas Eve therefore enables us to be joyous because of the good news we have received through Christ Jesus.

Christmas Eve is a time of thanksgiving as shouts of hallelujah and loud songs of rejoicing and praise echo all over the world.  This day is a time of peace and joyful celebrations, replacing every agenda that aims to cause sorrow through deaths and national disasters, especially during this season of remembering the birth of Christ (Psalm 69:30, Isaiah 12:4-5, Matthew 5:4).

In this time of Christmas Eve prayer and giving thanks, it allows us to reflect on families of those who have lost loved ones.  During this time, we can offer a Christmas Eve Prayer and make personal sacrifices to support those without mothers, fathers and siblings, in turn giving generously to those in need (Acts 10:2) as a means of demonstrating the love and power of Jesus Christ. Never forget the importance of Christmas Eve for each of us and all Christians.

 Christmas Eve Prayer

Father, as we are one day away from Christmas Day, we thank you for the birth of Your Son Jesus Christ, the Saviour who laid in a manger.  We offer this prayer to You declaring that in this season, Your Word will be proclaimed with truth and that many will be liberated to worship Jesus Christ, the saviour of the whole world. In this season, bring strength to families and bind them together with Your love, so that they may delight in the joy of the Lord, Amen.

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