The Lord has made everything for its purpose, nothing is useless in life

Lord has made everything for its purpose

The Lord has made everything for its purpose in the world and called them beautiful. He was pleased with the works of his creation. This is an indication that everything made by God is for a purpose and nothing is useless.

Bible Verse about nothing is useless we do in life

“Nothing you do for the Lord is useless.” (1 Corinthians 15:58)

There are many people around us who look up to us for one help or the other. Look around you and think of what to do to lift up a person in need.

I had a friend back in college who had issues with algebra. He always failed it and since it was a course made compulsory, graduating from school would be difficult. He confided in me, “I feel I will not graduate with you due to the challenge I have in algebra, I am scared and I don’t know what to do.”

My hands rested on him “Friend, we are leaving this school same day and same time” He smiled and said I believe. We prayed together and I took it upon myself to tutor him after classes each day.

Would you say it was worthless to have done this? No. It does make a big difference when you are greeted with a smile and when someone listens to you.

Money isn’t all that is required to help people in need, giving your time and words of encouragement are another great way of lifting up people.

Have you tried to encourage anyone before? If you have, then, you would have experienced the sense of happiness it gives. And if you haven’t offered a word of encouragement to anyone before, I urge you to try this. You are not in the position to say what you have or what you don’t have; make it a point of duty to put a smile on people’s faces. Do what you can with what you have and leave the rest to God.

Even when you are physically challenged, homeless, cashless or whatever it is that you are going through, you are alive and that is enough for you to be thankful. We may be physically limited, but a word of encouragement, a smile, prayer and a display of faith during our difficult times can be used to minister to those who are yet to come to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord has made everything for its purpose short prayer 

I know, that you Lord has made everything for its purpose. God, please help me to show an act of service to people in need and help me to make a difference in my generation so that through me, people can come to know you more.

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