What to Do in Retirement to Stay Joyful

what to do in retirement

Retirement is the long awaited chapter in one’s life where you finally have all the time to do what you really want and have been dreaming of. Retirement brings leisure time and ease to take up your favorite personal habit which you can only do when you made adequate plan for your future. After assuring the safety of future, you can then retire and enjoy. It is believed to be the second phase of life with a new face. You can have a safe and enjoyable retirement life if you plan for it in advance. It is the right key to attain a safe and rewarding life afterward. But sometimes happens that when all times is yours, you face the question: what to do in retirement?

Senior at this stage have time to explore new things, go on an adventure, and evangelize. There is time for family members, community work, and missions work. As a Christian we must know that retiring from our vocational job does not mean we should retire from God’s work as well. As a Christian, we must play a key role in the ministry and part of such roles should be to pass on the godly knowledge acquired over to the younger generation.

Challenges Many Retiree Face and Solution to Stay Happy in Retirement

Many senior citizens and facing one challenge or the other after retirement. This includes both financial and non-financial issue such as lack of finance, loneliness, stress, obesity, huge and rising health care cost. For seniors citizen facing any challenges or issues here are solutions to help you stay happy in your golden age. So this is not only the question what to do in retirement but also how to live.

Create a Schedule And Structure

According to study by the American Institute of Stress, retirement is rated as the 10th most stressful of major life events. Having a well-planned schedule will help avoid boredom and loneliness that normally comes after retirement. Studies have shown that a structured life is one of the keys to happiness. To avoid being stressed as a retiree, create a list of things you want to do, places to visit, additional knowledge or skills who want to acquire. List how you want to make an impact in your community or get involved in a local religious organization.

Defining a schedule early will keep you busy a day after your retirement without the feeling of loneliness or stressed due to idleness.

Have a Financial Planning

Many seniors saved for their retirement through private or company pension schemes, but many of those schemes have proven to be less than satisfactory. Seniors can supplement their retirement income through part time work. This can provide unexpected benefits; new interest, motivation and challenges, a regular routine that needs to be followed, the requirement to take care of one’s appearance and the potential to make new friends in a more relaxing environment than what was previously provided by your vocational job.

Create A Budget and Spend Wisely

After retirement, seniors want to make sure their retirement fund last as long as they want it to. Since there won’t be any week’s paycheck to supplement financial mistakes budget and planning needs to be set in place. For your set goals to come to fulfillment there is need to track and manage your daily expenses. You need to know where your money goes every month. Another secret key to happiness in retirement is having a budget and lower spending. Search for the best prices of anything you need to buy and purchase only those things that had richness and fulfillment to your life. Find those things that are important and satisfying and they need not cost anything at all.

Redefine and rediscover yourself

During your earlier vocational work, you likely were defined by your work, not the other way around. Now there is a shift from having your work define you to having yourself define your work.  If your interest are artistic, then you are a creator. If your interest are social, this indicates that you are a great helper, liking to work with people.

When you have something to look forward to each day, then you will spring out of bed ready to enjoy your day. Passion is a powerful tool. When we talk about or get involved in activities that we are passionate about, we naturally gain more energy and enthusiasm.

Stay Healthy, Keep Fit and Look Attractive

Over 80% of today’s retiree believes staying healthy is the best key to staying happy in retirement. This percent shows majority prefer good health to finances. Exercise regularly and be invested in a good approach towards sleep, diet and well being. Having a purpose and challenging yourself mentally are great ways to maintain your mental health. Take care of your look and don’t dress shabbily simply because you no longer go to work. Wearing smart, appropriate, fashionable clothing keeps a person looking good and improves personal confidence. You know your own body better than anyone else. Listen to it, and react accordingly when it is trying to tell you something. Don’t ignore potential symptoms, recognize them and get them treated. Engage yourself in activities such as walking, gardening or join a gym; all these are ways to stay physically healthy and strong.


what to do in retirement

Answers to Question What to Do in Retirement

Just like financial aspect is important in retirement, there are many non-financial issues and concerns that are also important. Do you intend to travel? Pursue a hobby or degree? Join the ministry? Or volunteer for your community or organization? There is the need to make a plan on how you going to spend your retirement in other to have a fulfilled and joyous retirement. For seniors in retirement, you can become active once again by getting engaged with the following activities. So what to do in retirement?

Offer Community Services

You can provide a valuable service to your society or community while sharing your unique skills and interests with the newly established company, Hospital, Community centers, day-care centers, school etc. There are just a few of the places where you could make a difference to your community.

Volunteer for Missionary Work

As a Christian, we should never retire from serving the Lord, although the way we serve him may change. In Luke 2:25-38 Simeon and Anna are good examples of two people who continued to serve God faithfully even at their old ages. Anna was an elderly widow who ministered in the temple daily with fasting and prayer. Titus 2 states that the older men and women are to teach by example the younger men and women how to live. You might plan to evangelize in the street, Nursing homes, Hospitals, Prison/rehab centers. Or even create a social network or blog where you can share the gospel, be a spiritual leaders/mentor to people and encourage young ones.

Attend School/Bible College

Retirement can be the perfect time to pursue a degree, advance your knowledge in your current or new field, take classes that interest you. There are many institutions and online schools that offers special rates and programs for retirees or seniors. You may decide to attend Bible schools/college to broaden your knowledge in word of God. It’s really great answer to question what to do in retirement.

Start a New Career or Business

Retirement can be the perfect opportunity to try something different. If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own business, now may be your chance. Having real plans can also help overcome problems commonly experienced by those who transition into retirement without thinking ahead what to do in retirement.

Pursue Your Dream Hobby

Most seniors love to do one thing or the other at one time in life but their previous jobs have prevented them from achieving it. Now that you are free from a vocational job, there is no crime in setting aside little time to fulfill those things that interest you. Especially engaging in activities that will give your life and help you stay stronger both physically and mentally. This might include traveling, climbing a mountain, hiking, going on field trip, writing a book, going to dance class.

Keep all these advises in mind and maybe you won’t face the question what to do in retirement.

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