Accepting God’s Will for your Life. Bible Verses and Prayer

accepting God's will for your life

The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ brings us salvation as well as resting in him. God desires for his children to completely rely and rest in him by having a good relationship with him. For this you need to learn accepting God’s will for your life.

Bible Verse on Accepting God’s Will for your Life

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.(1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Our world is full of pain, debt, poverty, disease and sickness, hunger, evil devices and death. God knows these are things that human beings must pass through and this is the reason for giving us his only begotten son as our comforter. Jesus daily invites everyone especially those who haven’t come to the knowledge of him to accept his invitation to come into their lives. He says in our Bible text that we should come to him and he would give us rest. He specifically called the weary and the burdened to come to him.

Do you feel Jesus doesn’t care about your situation? Do you feel he doesn’t know you so well to know what difficulties you are facing? Accept Jesus’ invitation today and enter his rest. Learn to accept God’s will for your life.

Accept Jesus and let him comfort you when you are weary or depressed. Let us accept this invitation while we are still living. The promises of God are so numerous and we haven’t enjoyed one tenth of it yet. Hand over your troubles to him and stop carrying the heavy load all by yourself. Lay them at the feet of Jesus and he would gladly lift them for you.

Stop the secret tears, Jesus is ready to wipe your tears away, only if you let him. Life is so beautiful and wonderful but as beautiful as it may be, it can be hard too. Commit your ways to God, let him guide you daily, trust in him and learn accepting God’s will for your life. You would then experience how beautiful it is to have the peace of God in one’s life.

Ultimately, the rest in God is our ticket to reigning with him eternally. Won’t you like to be in heaven with Jesus? Accept him today.

Short Prayer for Accepting God’s Will for my Life

Father, I thank because you care about me. Please reveal your will for me. I understand that it may not be the things I want, but I believe you know better what I need for my life. Help me to completely accept your will for my life. Pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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