How can I be Sure of my Salvation? Bible verse – it is a free Gift from God

how can i be sure of my salvation

How can I be sure of my salvation. The word of God in John 3:16 speaks about the great love of God towards His children. God sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ to die for the sins of mankind that we might have an eternal life. The Bible says that anyone who believes in Him, Jesus Christ shall not perish but have an everlasting life. All these are the truth recorded in the Bible. Bible verses – salvation is a free gift from God.

Despite this truth, how do I know that I believe in this well enough? How can I be sure of my salvation? How can I be sure that what I believe in is what God really expects of me?

So how can I be Sure of my Salvation?

This article will strictly take references from the Bible. The Bible makes us to understand that the assurance of our salvation rests on four solid pillars. The study of Gods words brought about this revelation. Psalm 119:105 verse says, “Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path”. Let’s look at the pillars which arguments how can I be sure of my salvation.

  • Trust Jesus Christ! Remember, whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.
  • Accept the truth – Salvation is a free Gift from God.
  • Through prayer, invite Jesus into your life.

God tells the truth

This is the first assurance of the absolute truth of the scripture. The New Testament is filled with the promises of God to save all those who call upon him. The Bible says that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. This is a promise!

Believing in God’s promises reassures you when you are in doubt of who you truly are. As long as you have committed your life to Jesus Christ, then be rest assured of the confidence of your salvation based on the truthfulness of God’s words.

God also said, he will not cast out whoever comes to him. If you approach God with a genuine heart to be forgiven of your iniquities, He will. He will because this is what He said. You should believe that! Whenever God says He will do anything or where ever you read His statement, He means it and He will surely do it. You have His word so hold Him by His word.

All you have to do is to play your own part by believing in His words. Do not bother yourself on how what He has said would be done, just trust Him. He has never lied and He will never lie.

Salvation is a free Gift from God – Jesus paid it all

This is the second assurance. Jesus bore all our iniquities when he died on the cross. He endured all the pains and cried out on the cross, “It is finished”. By this statement, he meant all our sins have been atoned for, our past sins, present and even our future sins. Our redemption has been handled by him; so it has been fully paid for.

It is finished means a whole lot of things. It can be applied to any situation we are faced with. You can go ahead to say it is finished to any challenge you are faced with. What are you faced with?  Are you in debt? Do you have a terminal illness? God has said it is finished and yes, it is finished.

Your faith is the driving force for courage to confess the positively even when you have no reason to. Just as salvation comes from believing in our Lord Jesus Christ, so also is our assurance of his existence. Remember – salvation is a free gift from God.

The Greatest convincer

The third assurance is through the help of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps us through our inner witness. He convinces us of our assurance of salvation. There is no one, not a pastor, preacher, evangelist or parent that can assure us of our salvation. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says in 1 John 4:13 verse that, “By this we know that we abide in him and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit”. The Bible also says that the Spirit himself bears a witness in us that we are the children of God.

The new life in Christ

The final pillar comes from the assurance evident in our changed lives. This is confirmed as we see God moulding our lives after the characteristics of Jesus Christ. It is only those who are born again in Christ that can experience this new life. We may not be perfect in all that we do, but our assurance should be based on the fact that God is constantly transforming our lives inwardly.

These are the pillars on which the assurance of salvation rest. These are what we should rely on. You are not in position to doubt whether your level of belief in God is high or not. Make the Bible your friend so that when you are threading on the wrong part, it can immediately help to retrace your steps back to God. Hope we have answered to the question how can I be sure of my salvation.

Committing our lives into God’s hands guarantees us of eternal life. God knows we are not perfect and that is the reason he gave us the Holy Spirit as our guide. Therefore, obey God’s commandments, study the Bible and let the Holy Spirit guide you daily.

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