Learn How to Stop Interrupting Your Kids and Other People

how to Stop interrupting your kids

Parenting is one of the most challenging, yet meaningful duty. Bible says “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Building and maintaining a good relationship with a child requires effort. We are so very busy in our daily lives with work and family issues that we often fail to build an effective communication with our kids, we can’t stop interrupting them from saying everything they want. Some parents are so authoritative that they hardly ever allow their child an autonomous voice or sense of worth. Others might apply overly permissive parenting style in nurturing their kids that doesn’t teach them limits. However, way, using both parenting techniques will make us not to know much about our kids’ lifestyles, problems or feelings. This can adversely affect our close and open relationship with our kids that will later become difficult to amend. So how to stop interrupting your kids and other people?

Stop interrupting or cautioning your kids when they are trying to tell you something important or relevant to them. For instance; your child comes running home from school and start telling you excitedly about how he played at school during break time with his friends. You rudely interrupt his story and begin to lecture him on the risks of playing rough. The issue here is that you didn’t allow your child to finish telling the story before bringing on the safety tips lecture. This kind of interruption if repeated more than once can stop children from sharing their cherished experiences with their parents.

On the basis of child care, parents should daily strive towards exhibiting the best type of parenting skills. That is; being flexible, fair, hearing and respecting feelings, permitting choice, yet setting clear limits on the unacceptable behavior of the kids. Stop being always aggressive when your kids are trying to explain their mistakes or faults to you. You are interrupting their communicating with you! Instead be firm, optimistic, warm, clear, and consistent; this is by far the way to make your kids to always confide in you.

how to Stop interrupting kids


The way we talk with our kids has a great impact on whether we are interrupting their learning and ability to listen to us. A lack of communication with parents can be so bothersome to children because they feel their parents often interrupt them or never take time to listen. This results in parents and kids totally putting a halt in communicating, which can eventually lead to anger, strive, sadness and a host of other negative emotions. These are the main principles how to stop interrupting your kids.

1. Pay attention to the child’s interests and feelings:

Put in an effort in letting the child know that you are quite interested and involved in their daily activities, future ambitions and that you will always be available whenever help is needed. Accept and respect their opinions and then calmly introduce your ideas or the right one if you feel they are saying the wrong thing. Assist your child in planning some specific steps as regard their interests.

2. Always endeavor to let them talk:

Encourage your kids to talk, stop interrupting them.  When your kids see that you are giving them the attention and chance, it will encourage them to talk. Give them audience by occasionally including encouraging statements like “wow! Go on” and the likes like that. Knowing that they have your support will motivate them to talk.

3. Offer them 100% attention while they’re talking:

Listen carefully and politely to your kids while they are talking. Be very courteous and attentive to your kids, don’t interrupt them when they are trying to tell their story. Put down the newspaper or book when your child wants to converse or have something important and urgent to tell you. Genuine listening is hard work, so try to put in more effort in being an active listener even if you are tired.

4. Avoid responding with extreme emotion:

Never attempt holding a conversation with your kids, if you are very angry about a behavior from them. Wait until you have regained your cool and relax a little. Talk to the child later, because then you can be objective and welcoming. Show that you accept the child himself, regardless of what he has done or otherwise.

5. Hold conversation in privacy:

The best communication time you can have with your child is when others are not around. Try not to embarrass your child or placing them on the spot in front others. This action can lead to resentment, not positive communication. Hold conversation in privacy, except its necessary for others to be there.

Keep these tips how to stop interrupting your kids in mind, practice them constantly in daily situations and you’ll see that your habit to interrupt kids is gone. Such change in your behavior will help you to keep closer relationship with your kids and to earn their trust. One day you may be surprised at what they have to say!

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