The Glory of God. Bible Verses for the Day 1 Corinthians 10:31

Glory of God Bible Verses for the Day June 19

Glory of God – Bible Verses for the Day

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

I will tell you, this is a very good way to make your life meaningful: “I live for the glory of God.”

Life is the only asset, the only value a person has. If you think well, you will realize that only God is worthy of your life.

One of the best ways is to develop a habit of sacrificing all your work to God. How is it done?

How to Develop a Habit

Every morning, before the beginning of your day’s work, all the day’s work and worries are sacrificed to the glory of God.

It could be expressed in morning prayer, such as:

  • “Jesus, for your honor I want to live this day. I dedicate all my daily work and victories to your honor.”
  • “I sacrifice everything to you, Sven. Heart of Jesus! ”
  • or “Everything I will do, not for myself, not for the eyes of men, but for You, Lord Jesus!”.

It doesn’t matter here whether you say it in one way or another. Only the thought itself matters.

It is highly recommended to update this intention during the day as well, especially when starting a new task.

If we sacrifice everything to God, if we work solely with the thought of doing God’s will, then it will be easy for us to suffer all the hardships and failures of the day.

Give Glory to God in real Works

So the day spent is true worship of God. It is worship not in words but in real actions of life.

In the evening it will be a pleasure to remember even the most difficult day of trouble. Because the day passed meaningfully – in honor of God.

The voice of your heart will tell you, “Here is another day. One day I am closer to the kingdom of God, closer to eternity, closer to the purpose of my life. And, thank God that this day was not lived in vain. When God asks for an account, the day thus spent will be my intercessor. ”

God wants to be Proud of You

Understand, my brother, God wants to be proud of you. You are His creation. When you live a meaningful life, when you consciously sacrifice the work of the day for the glory of God, then you are blessed. All the blessings of God touch you.

These things are talked about today in Bible Verses for the Day June 19.

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