Stand Firm to the End – Bible Verses for the Day – Matthew 24:13

Stand firm Bible Verses for the Day June 20 Matthew 24:13

Stand firm – Bible Verses for the Day

But the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. (Matthew 24:13)

Hey man, you are an adult and have life experience. Therefore, you know that the forces of evil often try to knock us out of the way of faith. You’ve experienced this many times, haven’t you?

I’ll tell you it’s OK. Trials are an integral part of our lives. Fighting is a part of our lives.

What is the Evil Strategy?

Usually, the enemy chooses such tactics, with the help of temptations to defeat us. He knows your weaknesses, so he concentrates the attack there.

You know your weaknesses and addictions, right? Therefore, you can be sure that the next attack will be right there.

Another strategy of attack is to appeal to our weakness with the help of “this world”. For example, we want other people to recognize us, to accept us, to love us. Or we are afraid that we will be distant, will not understand, will not be friends with us.

Often a person is not strong enough to stand up and not betray himself, his beliefs, his principles of faith. Admit that there have been a few moments in your life when you have succumbed to other people’s pressure. So?

And of course, the third enemy attack front, are your moments of pain, trouble, and frustration. In our lives, there have always been and will be unpleasant trials, such as health problems, an unexpected illness, loss of a loved one, anger of other people, ingratitude, financial difficulties, problems in business, and so on.

And in such difficult moments, the Tempter is already standing at the door of your heart. He does not stop whispering that – “no one loves you, even God has forgotten you, leave it, do like the “spirit of the world” tells you. After all, all people live like this.”

Are you familiar with a situation like this?

Ok, how to resist and win the victory?

Stand Firm to the End – but How?

Remember what the prophet Isaiah says, “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” (Isaiah 7: 9b)

You have brothers of faith, don’t forget that

  1. First, know that you are not fighting alone. The Lord is always by your side. Only you will be resolute, and clearly, without hesitation say evil NO. The Apostle Paul makes it clear from his personal experience, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31) Therefore, know that Jesus Christ is the rock of your strength, trust God. Also, remember, you have a community of believers in the Church where your brothers and sisters are ready to help you. First of all, help you with intercession prayer. You have brothers of faith, don’t forget that!
  2. Second, understand that Satan is the king of lies. It artificially causes panic, creates an image of fear that does not correspond to reality. When you realize for yourself the fact that reality isn’t as scary as it seems, things get a lot easier. Just more self-control.
  3. And third. You cannot be constantly torn between faith and doubt. You have to choose who you represent and which fighter camp you belong to. In difficult moments, a person gets lost and no longer knows what to do, what decision to make, what rules to follow. But you are not, “any man”. You are a disciple of Jesus. You are a Christian. You are a believer.

And your faith in which you live gives you very clear principles for dealing with different life situations. So sit down and remember what your faith teaches. And you already, deep in your heart, have the right answer, how to behave for you now, and what decision is right.

You are the Warrior of Jesus Christ

God wants you to win the fight to come out the winner. The fight hardens you. You become a stronger person and a more determined Christian.

Stand firm to the end and you will be saved and blessed.

This is what Bible Verses for the Day June 20 is telling us today.

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